When was RSVP founded?

It was founded in 1973 through a federal grant of Action (Federal Volunteer Agency) as Chisholm Trail RSVP: Serving Denton County.

What is the main email address?

email me at dmcorona@rsvpserves.org with any question, I typically answer within 24 hours. If its extremely urgent call 940-383-1508.

What is your main office?

Our main office is located at 4208 N I 35, Denton.

Can I volunteer under 55?

Yes, as long as you are above 18 and submitted the volunteer form for approval.

Do we perform background checks?

Yes, we do to it ensure the safety of all of our volunteers and also the places where they volunteer.

Amazon Smile

When you shop on Amazon go to Amazon Smile and select Chisholm Trail Retired Senior Volunteer Program. Amazon Will donate a portion back to RSVP.

Easy Ways To Give #2

Sell raffle tickets with the Rockin’ Reader Program, which the winner gets a brand new car or truck from Honda of Denton or Toyota of Denton of $30,000 or less including title and license. Winner doesn’t have to be present but must be 18 plus.

Easy ways to give #1

Sign up for Kroger’s Community Rewards and, link your Kroger Plus Card by clicking on setup -> community -> community rewards -> enroll now -> complete info -> save -> enter WD824 or Chisholm Trail RSVP, Click save!!!

I don’t want to do the same thing I did in my career. Can I try something new?

Of course! RSVP strongly believes in finding a volunteer role that suits what you want. Volunteering can be a great way to discover new skills and interests that you never knew you had.

I don’t know what type of volunteer work I’d like to do. Can RSVP help me figure it out?

Yes! When you contact RSVP you are a scheduled for a one-on-one interview with a placement expert who will work with you on finding the right opportunity that fits your skills and interests. You will be connected with the potential placement organization through personal introduction.

How do I become an RSVP volunteer?

First, complete a volunteer enrollment form. Second, you will go through a comprehensive one-on-one interview to help you connect with volunteer opportunities that suit your skills and interests.

What if I want to volunteer outside of Denton County?

RSVP is a national program. Please visit www.nationalservice.gov to find the RSVP nearest you.

What are the requirements for becoming an RSVP volunteer?

You need to be at least 55 years of age and be willing to volunteer in Denton County. You must report one hour of volunteer work a month and be willing to accept instruction and supervision from the volunteer site.

What is RSVP?

The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program rose out of an outgrowth of efforts by private groups, gerontologists, and government agencies during the 1960s and 1970s to address the needs of retired persons in America.