Become a Board Member

Chisholm Trail RSVP Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors. There is a need for a diverse board that represents the geographical area of our service as well as different areas of expertise. The current  board must be reflective not only of this need, but also includes community volunteers that represent both RSVP members and non-members. 

Please send the filled application form or If you have more questions, send them at Diana Corona on 940-383-1508 or [email protected]

2019 Volunteer Recognition Luncheon

Current Board Members

Officers: Tanya Blixt, Chair Erin Caston, Chair Elect Steve Richard,
Treasurer Thomas Bell, Kimberly Pardi, Mary Brundage, Leslie Hinzman, Lori Kloepper, Kara Muse, Vicki Scott.